At Kimpton at The Exchange TRX, creativity and a passion for food are always on the menu. As destinations unto themselves, Kimpton Restaurants and Bars offer a total lifestyle dining experience.
A meeting or event at Kimpton is never pulled off a shelf or replicated for the masses. Always elevated, they are designed to be highly unique with thoughtful touches and personal service.
The Exchange TRX is Kuala Lumpur’s new social heart. As part of this synergy, Kimpton empowers and trains colleagues to act from the heart to provide genuinely warm, thoughtful and engaging personal service. It’s anticipating needs and finding unexpected ways to delight guests and put a smile on their faces.
In a socially immersive place such as The Exchange TRX, human connection lies at the heart of how Kimpton interacts with guests and gives back to the community, particularly in three areas close to Kimpton’s heart - health and wellness, individuality and inclusivity, and the environment.


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