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It will surprise you how close that future is

Watch any science fiction movie and you'll likely see the city of the future depicted as a sprawling metropolis, filled with grey buildings, flying cars and vending machines. But are such cities really our future?

As human beings evolve and our needs change, so do the cities we live in. Today, 55% of the world's population are living in cities and by 2050, two thirds of the world will live in urban areas.

The impact is immense. Every year, 1.3 billion tonnes of waste are generated by the world's population. Cities in China alone consume 6.3 trillion Kilowatts of electricity per hour. It is imperative that we begin to rethink how our cities are planned in order to tackle worrying global issues such as climate change.

The future of city living needs to integrate not just smart technology, but efficient management of a city's resources while enabling communities to thrive and enjoy a good quality of life.

The Exchange TRX, The Future of KL
The Exchange TRX, the 17-acre lifestyle epicenter of Kuala Lumpur's new international financial and business hub - Tun Razak Exchange, or TRX (modelled after Canary Wharf in London, Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and International Financial Quarters in Hong Kong) gives a visionary glimpse into tomorrow's urban living - a vibrant, sustainable & smart development right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Lendlease is developing The Exchange TRX, through a joint venture with TRX City Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance. Possessing over 60 years of experience in creating landmark projects around the world, Lendlease is a proven key player in the international property development scene with a global development pipeline approaching A$100 billion.

With Lendlease's core expertise in shaping cities and creating connected communities, its vision to create the best places will be reflected in The Exchange TRX through its people-centric design and sustainability leadership.

So, what is the epitome of future Urban Living?

#1 Connectivity? Try Hyper-Connectivity
The Exchange TRX sits at the centre of TRX, KL's new heart, with superb connectivity with multiple transportation modes such as trains, cars, personal mobility devices (PMD), as well as pedestrian walkways.

The Exchange TRX is seamlessly integrated with the MRT Interchange, with access to 68 stations across Klang Valley, including KLCC, KL Sentral, Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.

You can also choose a greener option by walking or using a personal mobility device to fully utilise The Exchange TRX's pedestrian network of walkways.

Still prefer to drive? Routes, such as the MEX Highway, SMART Tunnel, the upcoming SPE Highway (Duke 3), and other primary roads of KL all merge at the TRX, providing direct and easy access to The Exchange TRX.

#2 World-Class Standards, built ground up
Today, more than ever, there is a need for sustainable ways of living, especially in light of global trends such as rapid urbanisation and climate change.

The focus on people-centric design in The Exchange TRX has resulted in a highly efficient and more flexible multi-purpose development. The pedestrian-focused design enhances proximity between components, providing ease of access from one to the other. Underground vehicular traffic translates to safer surface levels for pedestrians, encouraging greater engagement and activities for visitors to enjoy in The Exchange TRX.

The Exchange TRX also offers a truly integrated living and working experience with an international hotel, office, residential towers and an experience-led retail destination with circa 400 stores. The retail will also be seamlessly integrated with a 10-acre city park, the new green heart of Kuala Lumpur offering great indoor and outdoor experiences for residents, tenants, employees, visitors and the local communities.

With Lendlease's international track record in placemaking, The Exchange TRX is set to bring together a perfect marriage of form and function, showcasing urban master planning at its finest.

#3 Moving towards a sustainable low-carbon city, and more green spaces
Quite the opposite of drab grey concrete jungles, future cities of tomorrow will be greener than ever. And that does not just mean more trees.

Cities are the main source of waste and resource consumption but with strategic planning and development, it can reduce the depletion of critical resources and create better places to live.

A future ready development, the TRX is the nation's first development to achieve both provisional GBI Platinum Township and LEED Neighbourhood Development Gold certifications.

The new International financial and lifestyle districts will also be Malaysia's first precinct to recycle wastewater for greater water efficiency throughout all its assets. By adopting reusable resources technologies and working with industry partners, site-wide portable water demand would be reduced by 50%, as over 80% of the district's wastewater is recycled. All components are aiming for a minimum of 25% energy reduction, 50% potable water reduction and 30% waste diversion from landfill as compared to standard building designs.

With the Exchange TRX's unique 10-acre park, Malaysia's unique local biodiversity is promoted through thoughtful plant species selection and to encourage the migration of local birds and insects. Designed to enable a healthy lifestyle and promote a sense of well-being, the park's multi-experience zones ensure an inclusive, experiential space for everyone; from jogging tracks, educational eco-trails to play zones, as well as elevated walkways and spaces for those who prefer quiet contemplation.

#4 People-oriented planning - integrating communities to live and grow together
Beyond the greenery and buildings, services and facilities, the real heartbeat of any place is its people, its community and its culture. The new generation developments aim to make cities more livable places that encourage people to live and grow together.

The Exchange TRX aims to create an experiential place for everyone to interact, socialise and bond. This thinking guides the design, architecture and even material selection to ensure easy and safe access throughout the precinct, with multiple convergence and meeting points. Employees, residents, shoppers and tourists will experience a sense of place and belonging in this lifestyle destination which nurtures inclusive and connected communities.

The Exchange TRX's design as a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly precinct enables people to walk easily to the things they need and the places they like. To enhance safety, TRX adopts a British police standard for designing safe public spaces with open source CCTVs through CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), supported by a dedicated auxiliary police station and active surveillance.

#5 Smarter living augmented by technology
Smart cities are here to stay. Dedicated electric vehicle charging stations, automated building systems and digital dashboards are among the sophisticated technologies available at The Exchange TRX. From assistive technology to enhance retail experience of the differently-abled to developing Community+App, a first in Malaysia, The Exchange TRX embraces a next generation approach.

TRX Residences is designed to incorporate the best of technology to deliver a seamless, hassle-free lifestyle by enabling residents to stay in the loop of community happenings and receiving the latest precinct updates. In the future, Residents may also have the option of expanding the Community+App to incorporate Smart Home controls for their respective units.

Slated for launch soon, those interested in finding out more about TRX Residences can visit www.trxresidences.com.my to register interest and like or follow their Facebook and Instagram page for more information.

Lendlease: Creating the Best Places
By putting people and the community at the heart of each of its development, Lendlease has made a mark with past projects in Malaysia, such as the renowned Petronas Twin Towers as well as Suria KLCC, and other global icons such as Barangaroo Sydney, PLQ Singapore and London's Elephant Park. We look forward to seeing Lendlease's expertise in urban regeneration and placemaking showcased through The Exchange TRX, combining quality retail, entertainment and lifestyle options with community-centric spaces that resonate with the rich heritage and culture of Kuala Lumpur.