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Get more out of each visit you make to The Exchange TRX. Here's how to qualify for each of our membership tiers. 

Loyalty Programme FAQs

Membership Enquiries

  • You can become a Lendlease Plus MY member by downloading The Exchange TRX app, tapping on the Rewards icon at the bottom of the screen and filling in your details to register. 

    Alternatively, you can proceed to the Concierge desk at Central Exchange on Ground Floor and approach one of our Guest Experience team members to assist in registering you for membership. 

  • Lendlease Plus MY has been designed to be a 'recognition-based' programme that grants access to various rewards and benefits depending on tier. Membership tier is determined by spend during a specific period of time. 

    To become an Enthusiast, a minimum spend of RM500 in 2 receipts on the same day is required. 

    To become an Insider, a minimum spend of RM10,000 in 3 receipts on the same day is required. 

    To become an Inspirer, a minimum spend of RM50,000 in a maximum of 5 receipts over 14 days is required.  

  • Spend is captured via the app. Open The Exchange TRX app, and tap the Rewards icon at the bottom of the screen (please ensure you are logged in).

    Tap on 'Submit Receipt' on the Rewards dashboard screen and then proceed to tap on the gold 'Submit Receipt' button on the next screen.  

    You must then fill out the following details: Shop where the transaction took place and payment mode.

    Then tap on the camera icon underneath to either take a photo of the receipt or upload it from your gallery/camera roll. 

    A notification will appear confirming that your receipt has been submitted for verification.

    That's it! 

Receipt Submission Enquiries

  • Receipts are verified by a third-party vendor who will review the receipt's details for accuracy against the details that were filled out, such as: 

    • Whether the store where the transaction took place is in The Exchange TRX
    • The date of transaction
    • The spend total 

    The above process usually takes between 3 to 5 working days.

    Once the information has been verified, your spend total updates on the Rewards dashboard screen and if you have met the minimum spend requirement for a tier upgrade, that will also be reflected. 

  • If your receipt was rejected, it would likely be due to one of the following reasons:

    • The receipt is not from The Exchange TRX
    • The photo taken of the receipt is not clear
    • The details submitted do not match those on the receipt (could be incorrect store and/or incorrect payment method)
  • The following receipts are not accepted:

    • ATM & Banking transactions
    • Mercato
    • Money Changer
    • Seibu
    • Urban Marketplace
    • Utility & Deposit payments
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Lendlease Plus MY Loyalty Programme

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