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BDK PARFUMS - An independent perfume house based in Palais Royal, Paris. Creative fragrances with high quality of raw materials inspired by characters, movements and silhouettes.

EX NIHILO - A Parisian fragrance house founded in 2013 by a young trio from Paris. An alternative to stereotyped luxury products, an alternative to mass personalization. Inspired by both the creative Avant-Garde and the French spirit of pure refinement.

MEMO PARIS - The Parisian fragrance house launched in 2007 by Clara Molloy and her husband John see fragrance as a journey, forging its identity around magical destinations and potent raw materials. "The Journey is the destination" is Memo's motto: the time of the journey is an integral part of the experience, it is essential for the encounter with beauty to occur.

ROJA PARFUMS - Roja is an independent British perfumery house founded by Perfumer Roja Dove. Creating fragrances rich in personality, using luxury ingredients and craftsmanship to tell stories that resonate around the world.

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