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A true gourmet seeks a sense of familiarity and belonging from traditional taste buds while sampling delicacies, because flavours may trigger memories and the sense of taste may restore recollections. When the images in memory mix with the flavours, all the emotions towards life burst out in seconds. 

Flavour tends to trace the roots of memory and arouse an inner contrast of values in relation to life. While civilised society is rapidly evolving, values are like the density of traditional cuisine's taste buds. It is still rich and aromatic after many years. 

G'rai carries the food culture of the traditional Malay market, it brings you a real feast for your taste buds. Every dish is a tribute to the authentic tradition, and every bite will make you feel like you are in a lively market, let this "delicious legend" continue to be written at G'rai where the place that show "Taste of Unity & Diversity" 

    • Monday 10am - 10pm
      Tuesday 10am - 10pm
      Wednesday 10am - 10pm
      Thursday 10am - 10pm
      Friday 10am - 10pm
      Saturday 10am - 10pm
      Sunday 10am - 10pm