OMI Wagyu

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    • Discover the taste of wagyu at OMI, the home of premium wagyu rice bowls. As a testament to our commitment to quality and giving their customers the best, OMI was awarded the Best Japanese Restaurant Award in December 2020. To maintain a consistently high quality, they source their wagyu from the finest local suppliers throughout Australia. Meticulous in their methodology, cattle are raised to carry the ‘soft’ gene that is traditionally prized for its low melting point and buttery feel. With a range of flavour combinations curated by their in-house team for you, you are invited to experience the taste of wagyu at OMI.


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    • Monday 10am - 10pm
      Tuesday 10am - 10pm
      Wednesday 10am - 10pm
      Thursday 10am - 10pm
      Friday 10am - 10pm
      Saturday 10am - 10pm
      Sunday 10am - 10pm