VCR Stacks

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Originating in Kuala Lumpur in 2020, VCR Stacks is a proud bearer of VCR heritage. Celebrating the art of sandwich-making with freshly baked sourdough and enriching the coffee journey with house-roasted beans, the VCR Stacks menu features a unique spectacle – a distinct version of fried chicken, setting them apart in a bustling gastronomic landscape. VCR Stacks’ diverse sandwich ensemble paired with a comforting brew ensures a delightful reprieve, making every visit a quaint culinary retreat.  

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    • Monday 10am - 10pm
      Tuesday 10am - 10pm
      Wednesday 10am - 10pm
      Thursday 10am - 10pm
      Friday 10am - 10pm
      Saturday 10am - 10pm
      Sunday 10am - 10pm