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Brand Spotlight | Rado

Discover innovative design and visionary use of revolutionary materials with Rado.

  • 26 Jun 2024
  • by
  • The Exchange TRX

Rado at The Exchange TRX is Unlike Any Other - Here's Why

Swiss watchmaker Rado has had a long and illustrious history but for those who have wondered what sets it apart, wonder no more. We feature Rado for this edition of Brand Spotlight.  

Can you share some general information about Rado as a brand?

Rado, a globally recognised Swiss watch brand that traces its roots to 1917, is famous for its innovative design and visionary use of revolutionary materials to create some of the world’s most durable watches. Ever since its beginnings in Lengnau, Switzerland, Rado has had a pioneering spirit, with the brand philosophy “If we can imagine it, we can make it. And if we can make it , we will!” still holding true today.

Only the best materials are approved to produce Rado watches. Hardness and scratch-resistance alone are not enough: durability and wearer comfort are just as important. Key milestones in Rado’s impressive history and testament to the pioneering spirit of the brand include the iconic DiaStar Original, the first scratchproof watch launched in 1962, the introduction of high-tech ceramic in the watch industry with the Integral in 1986 and many more.

Material innovation and profiled design are an integral part of the brand DNA and beautifully represented in the eye-catching watches that will stand the test of time.

Can you share some information around the new concept around this particular Rado boutique? Is there anything that makes this particular Rado different from the others in Malaysia? 

The Rado boutique at The Exchange TRX's retail design concept has been developed to provide the ultimate “Master of Materials” customer experience. It is inspired by the brand’s guiding principles, visionary research, innovative technology, new materials and craftsmanship. The design language is minimal, elegant and timeless.

The design focuses on clean lines and shiny surfaces with warm bronze tones. Specially crafted brushed bronze panels add texture and sheen. The subtle light effects help in generating a warm and welcoming atmosphere, reflecting the calm and serene aesthetics of the brand’s characteristic design. With flawless shiny surfaces combined with soft touches of light, the store expresses the innovative and design-conscious spirit of the brand. It is approachable and welcoming, offering a relaxing shopping atmosphere, in a unique aesthetic space surrounded by the perfect combination of materials and design.

The façade of this boutique is really quite unique – can you share some information around inspiration for its design?
The facade of the Rado TRX boutique is a bold approach to our typical retail façade. Catching the eye of the client, as a sculpture that moves and breathes under the changing lights. Continuing the bronze language of Rado stores, the repetitive lines reflect the sand dunes of the Rado Centrix campaign as well as a nod to the ceramic elements of Rado watches.

What would some of Rado’s differentiating points be? 
Rado is without a doubt distinctive in terms of iconic design and innovative materials. With its unwavering pioneering spirit, the brand continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Thanks to Rado’s experience in the production of high-tech ceramic and its competence in the field of watchmaking technology the brand offers incomparable advantages to the customers such as wearer comfort, lightness and scratch resistance.

Can you share some of the signature products that customers should look for when they visit the boutique?
For men, the Rado Captain Cook is a natural choice for modern explorers. This automatic timepiece contains a mix of materials waiting to be discovered. Its vintage details and advanced features make it a watch designed to stand the test of time.

For ladies, Centrix is Rado’s most popular watch. Its diversity across a range of different sizes and colour combinations with quartz or automatic movements guarantees there's a model to suit all tastes. The Rado Centrix features a tapered lightweight bracelet that gently embraces the wrist, ensuring exquisite comfort. Its all-around style lends a touch of elegance and sparkle, uncompromising luxury and sophistication to everyone and every occasion.

Visit Rado on Ground Floor. 

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